Welcome to PIALEA

Two sisters, two very different styles, one brand effortlessly combining both - PIALEA was created in our eternal search for clothes to love and last forever, to share with each other and the idea in mind to introduce even more timelessness, versatility and sustainability to our own wardrobes.

We grew up closely intertwined not only in each other's lives, but also exposed to Italian style since we can remember. Subsequently this strongly shaped our sense of elegance, beauty and effortlessness. Accompanying our parents on sourcing trips around the world from an early age, we were fortunate to meet artisans wherever we went, true masters of their trade, soaking up their stories like magic tales. In the end PIALEA is simply our own story.


Our aim is to design items that are frequently worn and extremely loved, that will endure the test of time and will still put a smile on your face in years to come, the kind of pieces your sister will 'borrow' from your wardrobe - and probably never return again.

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do.